English Summer Camps with Irish Host Families

English Summer Camps In Ireland

One of the best ways to give your children a complete language immersion experience is to stay with an Irish host family and attend a summer camp in English. It's an amazing way to spend a summer abroad giving children the opportunity to learn new skills, meet new friends and have fun.

Our Summer camps in Ireland are attended mainly by Irish children, which increases the opportunity for your child to practice their English. At HEBE Adventures we offer a wide range of local summer camps in English for all interests.

Your child will live with a carefully chosen Irish host family with children of similar age and interests. They will be welcomed into the home of their host families and when they are not in the camp, the child will be immersed in the activities of the host family every day. The host family will take care of transportation to and from the camp every day.

Host Family + Summer Camp = Amazing Summer

English Summer Camps for everyone

English Summer Camps

All of our summer camps include total language immersion with an Irish family. We believe in learning English through language immersion instead of formal classes in English. Horse riding, surfing to golf and everything else, we have an English summer camp for everyone.

Often, one of the host families, the children will also participate in the summer camp. This will help your child settle into summer camp on the first day.

All of our summer camps are from trusted providers chosen by use, who meet the highest standards.

Summer Camps

myHebe - online Trip Managment

HEBE Adventures unique online system myHEBE™ puts you in control and allows you to manage and view every detail of your child’s trip including what they’ve been up to at summer camp.

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What Included?

  • Registration Fee
  • 24 Hour Support
  • Host Family Accommodation
  • All Meals
  • Full language Immersion with Family
  • Introduction to Host Family before arrival through the online portal
  • Insurance
  • Airport Transfers
  • Meet & Greet at Airport by Host Family
  • Camp Transfers
  • Parent/ Student Web Portal
  • Private English classes on request (extra cost applies)

Our amazing Host Families

All host families are reviewed by the police and Hebe Adventures personally examines all host families. You can choose your ideal host family or allow us to identify the ideal host family for your child based on their age, gender, interests, etc. Find out more about our Host Families...

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