Language Immersion - English Summer Camps with Irish Host Families.

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A summer immersed in English

There's no better way to learn the English language than through total language immersion and nothing beats Irish hospitality. That's why we invite young travellers from all over the world to enjoy a total language immersion home stay living with Irish host families and attending english summer camps or schools.

Young travellers can experience a whole new culture, improve their English, and enjoy a holiday they’ll never forget. We provide the opportunity to stay by the sea, explore the countryside, or experience Ireland's beautiful cities. Your child will be immersed in Irish food, humour, culture – all while they improve their English.

It's an amazing opportunity and one that gets results.

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How the process works

  • Step 1: Choose Host Family & Camp

    You can search the host families by clicking Host Family Search. You can also search through camps and experiences by clicking Camps and Activities Search Host Families

  • Step 2: Complete online Form

    The online form takes 3 minutes to complete. You will provide key information about you and your child. Once the form is complete you can submit it. You will receive a quote for your trip. online Student Application Form

  • Step 3: Review & Approve

    Review Quote and check that all the information is correct. Make any changes that are required to the trip and then approve and pay online with Stripe or via bank transfer. You can now view and manage your child’s trip online and stay in touch with your host family through chat or video call.

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Children First


Our friendly & caring host families provide a "home from home" for your child, taking care of them and ensuring they are safe and happy for the duration of their stay. In addition, all our English summer camps, schools and internships are carefully selected to ensure they meet the highest standard. This, we feel, is a key part of providing total language immersion homestays for young students.

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Manage your Language immersion homestay online

We aim to make sure that you, as parents, have a clear view of every element of your child's trip from start to finish. Given the bespoke nature of each trip, we wanted to make it as easy as possible to manage all elements from accessing information about the host family to viewing the schedule of the summer camps or schools. This is why we developed myHebe to make the process of managing your child's language immersion trip simple and fun.

Here are some of the things you can do with it:

  • Manage your child's trip end to end, from any device.

  • View details of your child's host family including photos, children, summer camps etc.

  • Share and exchange important information before and during the trip.

  • Keep up-to-date on flights, camps activities, day trips and more.

  • Keep all the memories of the trip in a personal trip diary, including summer camp photos etc.


Irish hospitality


Our friendly and caring host families provide a "home from home" for your child, taking care of them and ensuring they are safe and happy for the duration of their stay. This environment also encourages conversation and therefore helps the student improve their English.

Meet the Irish host families

Choose a Summer Camp

All our summer camps include full language immersion with an Irish host family. We believe in learning English through language immersion as opposed to formal English classes. But the opportunities extend further than just learning English. Even those fluent in English will benefit greatly from diving into a new culture. It’s a unique adventure and one that won’t soon be forgotten.

We offer a wide range of English summer camps, where your child will be in attendance with Irish children. We also partner with local public and private schools, both primary & secondary (high school) for Academic Stays. For those interested in work experience we offer a range of internships. The duration of the stay can range from a single term to a full academic year.

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Any questions?

Though we have over 400 host families and over 30 English language summer camps, spaces fill up remarkable quickly. If you're interested please get in touch and we will answer any questions you might have. We hope to see you and your child soon.

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