An English language course for your child is the ideal choice
By Hebe Adventures

Why go on a language trip?

The language stay is an essential asset for learning a language other than your own. By combining life in a foreign country or immersion in an environment speaking the language studied on a daily basis, the discovery of a new culture and the development or reinforcement of academic achievements, a language stay allows your child to progress and develop. really learn a language.

The language stay, apart from the progress in English, German or Spanish that it can bring, is also an extremely positive personal experience in the life of your child. Indeed, during a language stay, through the discovery of customs different from his own, and confronted with the need to be understood by people who do not speak the same language, your child may have a click on the interest of learning languages and will open his mind to cultures different from his own.

Who has never dreamed of being able to speak English fluently?

This universal language that the National Education has been trying to instill in us from an early age. In today's world, multilingualism is an increasingly important skill. In addition to providing employment opportunities, being able to speak English helps to establish a real connection with people and to learn more about different places, cultures, and ways of life. The more you master the English language, the better your child will be able to express himself.

Although not the most widely spoken language in the world, English is the official language in 53 countries and is spoken as a first language by approximately 400 million speakers worldwide. But that's not all, it is also the second most common language in the world. According to the British Council, around three billion people worldwide will be learning English by 2023.

Therefore, chances are that if your child meets someone from another country, they would both be able to speak English. It opens a door to the world for your child and helps them communicate with international citizens.

For your children to make real progress in English, there's nothing like finding them a safe and effective English pen pal. You can also find an English correspondent to improve the language skills of your children or teenagers.

Among the good reasons to have an English pen pal abroad

  • Learn to speak English quickly
  • Discover another culture
  • Become autonomous and independent
  • Make a new circle of friends
  • Live a unique adventure
  • Enrich your CV
  • Discover new ways to teach
  • Build a good address book and Take up a new challenge

An English correspondent at HEBE Adventures

In order to provide a pleasant and serene experience for your child, it is essential to choose an accommodation intermediary who has proven its quality and experience in managing English-speaking host families. Where does the role and mission of our company HEBE Adventures come from, which was designed to meet the expectations of different parents around the world by improving the international English learning experience for the youngest.

In addition, entrusting your child to Hebe is the guarantee of an effective and quality English language stay, which your child will do in complete safety. We aim to give parents that peace of mind to choose a safe and efficient accommodation intermediary, so that they no longer have to worry about where your child is going or what kind of family they will be living with.

Hebe is at the service of young travelers from all over the world, helping them find an English pen pal away from home, so that they can practice the most effective language tool in the world in terms of learning English, namely a communication daily life with an English-speaking host family.

Your child deserves to discover the world in complete safety, learning new cultures, connecting with a new environment and new places, while perfecting their English in a serene way. This is why the safety of your child is our top priority, hence the implementation of three major accommodation security measures.

1) Police control:

Hébé performs a background check on all families to ensure that no family member has a criminal record.

2) Hebe Verification:

Hébé personally visits each foster family before the family welcomes your child.

3) Personal Verification:

Parents have the right to communicate with the host family before booking your son or daughter's trip.

The reputation of HEBE Adventures in the field of accommodation for English-speaking families (which is considered the most powerful linguistic tool in terms of learning English) is that it offers parents a pack of unique service for their child, providing them with ongoing 24/7 support, coordination with foster families who are attentive to their needs, and an intuitive review system at within the Hébé family accommodation platform.

Finally, being fluent in a second language clearly demonstrates motivation, intelligence, and reflects someone who has devoted significant time, resources, and commitment to mastering another language. This is a big differentiator in your child's future.

That said, it will be smarter and simpler! Find the perfect English pen pal for your son or daughter on our HEBE Adventures website.

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