教育在爱尔兰 & Learn English

The education system in Ireland is one of the best in the world. Each year the government invest €10 Billion (Trinity News) into education and you have the opportunity to take advantage of that. Many of the top companies globally are based in Ireland due to it location, education system and English being the first language.

You can send your child to Ireland to improve their English and take advantage of the education system while living with an Irish host family in the only English speaking country in Europe.

Hebe Adventures makes the process of sending you child to Ireland to go to school easy and straighforward and we will work with you every step of the way to ensure your child gets the most from the experience.

For teenagers 12-19 years of age you have the option of private boarding schools, private days schools and public schools. You can check out more about our boarding school offerings by clicking Boarding Schools in Ireland

If you are planning to send your son or daughter to Boarding School in Ireland and do not have a family friend that can act as a guardian you will need to avail of the services of a guardianship organisation such as hebe Adventures.

We also cater for younger students from age 8 - 12 year of age. There are several public and private day schools but the number of boarding schools for this age group are limited. We will work with you to find a solution to meet your needs.

Central to all our offering is the host family and we at Hebe have over 400 host families that we work with. You can find out more about our host families by clicking 寄宿家庭体验

Your child is the most important part of all our services and see what we do to ensure the well-being and safety by clicking 儿童第一 

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Our School programme includes:

  • School placement

  • Provision of a suitable Host Family for the duration of your stay

  • 24/7 学生紧急支援, 父母, 寄宿家庭和学校.

  • 在开始机场接送和行程结束.

  • 要在学校和他们的寄宿家庭学生的持续支持.

  • 通过电话和亲自拜访与学生经常接触.

  • 学校图书采购, 制服, 运动用品等.

  • Available for ad-hoc requests, 例如: purchase of additional school books.

  • Attendance at parent-teacher meetings and reports to parents.

  • Use of our online platform to manage and view all aspect of the trip


As part of the school in Ireland service, your child will be placed with one of our friendly and caring host families that will provide a “home from home” 为您的孩子. 所有寄宿家庭警方审查和亲自审核我们. 非常小心,以学生匹配到寄宿家庭, 与年龄相仿的孩子.  

Our school in Ireland service provides ongoing care to all our students as they settle into life and their academic year in Ireland. 我们安排所有的实用元素,如采购制服, books etc so all students are ready for the Irish educational system. 我们也作为在紧急情况下,本地国内接触.

typical host family home
guardianship online management

Information when you need it -myhebe

Our online platform complements our school in Ireland service and offers an easy, secure way to share all key information relating to your child’s trip, 例如: 寄宿家庭联系方式, 航班详情, 学校报告等. in a secure platform.

Educate you Child in Ireland

Sending you child to Ireland to school with Hebe Adventures has a number of benefit

  • Stay with a trusted Host Family and improve their English
  • Take advantage of the premier education system in Ireland
  • Experience English living in the only English speaking country in Europe
  • You child will make new life long friends in Ireland where most of the top global organisations are based

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