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Why become a Host Family with Hebe Adventures?

我们发现我们的寄宿家庭参与了许多不同的原因. 有些人希望给自己的孩子其他文化的味道,并帮助他们从世界各地做一辈子的朋友, 其他人都热衷于帮助来访的学生体验真正的爱尔兰款待, 和其他人觉得这是一个伟大的方式来赚一点外快.

When you host a foreign student with hebe Adventures, we offer 24/7 support and online management system that provides you will key information, alerts, notifications and much more to streamline the process. Put that spare room to use today and host a student with hebe Adventures.

As a Host Family you can earn up to 14k per year tax free.

Becoming a host family is an amazing experience for your family and Hebe Adventures makes it easy to earn money and reach the thousands of foreign students looking to live with host families to immerse themselves in Irish culture and learn English. When you host a student in your home you can avail of the rent a room tax relief. This applies whether you are a host family in Dublin or a host family anywhere else in Ireland. You have the flexibility to host a student for a short period of a few weeks or you can host a student for a school term or a full school year.

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When you decide to host students in your home it is a big commitment, 这就是为什么白冒险是在手 24/7 帮助. Our online management tool makes the whole process of being a host family and hosting students as easy as possible and we’re always on hand to answer any questions.

What to expect as a Host Family?

HEBE Adventures host families become the “home from home” when they host a student, 提供一个安全, 安全,有趣的环境,确保学生出国体验,既有趣,, 奖励和令人难忘.

When you become a host family and host students with Hebe Adventures you give the student the opportunity to live as part of your family and enjoy all the family experiences, activities and culture and in the process, they improve the language.

host family beach
host family horseriding

What we look for in Host Families?

When you host a student with hebe we expect:

  • 类, 关爱和友好的家庭.
  • 与岁之间的儿童的家庭 8 和 18.
  • Families who are flexible for local summer camps drop-offs and pick-ups.
  • 谁喜欢活跃的家庭走出去,约, 谁喜欢户外活动的首选, 和谁愿意提供给我们的孩子一个了不起的经验

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Dont miss out on the opportunity to host students. Your family will make lots of new lifelong friends from around the world and you earn extra income for your services. So don't delay – start hosting foreign students today. Register Now! Once we receive your application we will be in touch soon.

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We are looking for host family all across Ireland but in particular, we are looking for host families in Dublin and the surrounding areas.

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