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当我们看到改进传统的国际化的学习经验的机会白冒险开始. 克莱尔Davitt, 创建者, 开始举办的国际学生,以此来帮助她的四个孩子体验其他文化, 认识新朋友, 和开阔眼界. 它也没有伤害,这是一个全职妈妈一个很好的方法,使几先令.

但她很快意识到,传统的系统并没有真正发挥作用. Most international students had spent their time in dormitories or classrooms with a large number of other students from the same country. Hosting a student in an Irish home was a much more immersive experience and better for everyone involved.

With 18 years of experience working in PR, Sales and Customer service in Coca Cola, an interest in Irish tourism, and extensive experience raising a family, Clare was in a unique position to rethink how kids from all over the world could experience Ireland. And so, 白冒险诞生. 青春的希腊神的名字命名,并宣布“他蜂”, 我们一直在创造了年轻的国际旅客独特的家庭寄宿超过五年. 不仅专注于学生, 我们可以帮助任何年轻旅行者找到一个家外之家和一个真正身临其境的和安全的方式体验不同的文化.

现拥有超过 300 寄宿家庭,我们很高兴能为年轻人提供从世界各地具有安全和独特的方式来体验新的文化.

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