Sample Weekly Timetable

  • Day 1 - Family Introductions: Include the family pet!
  • Day 2 - Games Night:  Eg. Online Scrabble, Heads Up, Kahoot
  • Day 3 – Dinner: Chat over dinner & share your talents, eg. singing, instrument etc.
  • Day 4 – Walk: Take a virtual walk with your Host Family as they share the local landscape & attractions
  • Day 5 - Xbox/ PS OR Baking OR Tic Toc
  • Day 6 – Fitness: Workout together following a programme of activities
  • Day 7 - Family Quiz: Find out how much you know about each other by the end of the week!

All actives will be under the supervision of the host Mum/ Dad

This is only a guide framework. We will create a programme based on your child’s interests and the unique experience your Host Family can offer.