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Travel has almost been brought to a halt, but you can still rely on hebe adventures to ensure your child continues to learn English.
Don't deprive your child the chance to learn English online and broaden their horizons this summer. Through our unique online hosting experience your child can continue to learn and grow this summer. Make use of your child's free time this summer and book now.

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During the summer months no child wants to be stuck in a classroom learning English, and at hebe adventures we understand this.
Instead of traditional learning methods, we allow your child to become a more competent student of the english language through a thoroughly enjoyable and immersive experience. We offer your child the chance to engage with a Host Family with a similarly aged Irish child, they can talk about their interests and engage in fun virtual games to learn English.
Similarly we offer Irish online camps to help your child learn English online. These allow your child to gain new skills while continuing to improve their English. We have a range of camps, from baking to pottery camps.

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Make Your Child's Time Count Online

hebe adventure's online hosting experience offers your child a chance to learn English online. Don't allow your child's English to deteriorate during this unique summer. Through our online platform your child will create an English connection with an Irish host family, without ever realising they’re learning.
hebe adventures offers a range of opportunities varying from our host family experience, where your child can interact with a similarly aged Irish child, to our online camps where you can learn new skills or partake in group activities while conversing in English.

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We have adapted to these unusual times and you can too. We have not allowed travel bans to stop the amazing opportunities our students have planned. Instead, we are giving our students the opportunity to learn English online, and discover a new unique culture, virtually. Through our Online Host Family Experience we allow our students to engage with Irish kids and form real relationships with Irish families. Plus when things return to normal, there will be the opportunity of visiting your Host Family in the future and continuing to learn English in Ireland.

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