Live with an irish host family and learn english.

Hebe Adventures offer total language immersion home stays where children and teenagers live with a warm and welcoming irish host family.

Explore Ireland's cities and countryside.

Your child will live with a host family in Ireland with children of a similar age. Our experienced Host Families provide a home from home for your child, taking care of them and ensuring they are safe and happy.
Total language immersion.
With our language immersion programme your child will be spending time with children and adults of the host family throughout the trip and will be speaking English continuously. This allows them to practice and improve their conversational English and have fun in a safe and secure environment.
All our host families are reviewed by the police (Police vetted) and also verified and certified by HEBE Adventures to make sure it is up to the HEBE standard. Someone from the HEBE team is there to support you and your child throughout the trip, to answer any questions and make sure you have a great experience.
You can add summer camps such as golf, horse-riding, soccer and many more to your son or daughters language immersion summer trip shopping cart. Click on the link below and start planning a trip!