The Hebe Adventures Boarding School Guardianship Programme

If you are planning to send your son or daughter to Boarding School in Ireland and do not have a family friend that can act as a guardian you will need to avail of the services of a guardianship organisation such as hebe Adventures.

뿐만 아니라 우리의 짧은 여름 숙박 등, HEBE Adventures offer a Guardianship Programme for International Students attending Day or Boarding schools in Ireland.

Students can attend school for a term or full academic year in Ireland. With the hebe Guardianship service, you get a premium, personal service – and our number one priority is to ensure that your child is safe and happy for the duration of their stay.

During their time in boarding school, a Guardian Host Family will be appointed who will be responsible for taking care of your son or daughter during exeat weekend and school holidays. With our Guardianship service you will get to meet your child's host family online prior to arriving in Ireland and in person when you are bringing your son or daughter to the school at the start of term.

guardianship student host family home

우리의 후견인 프로그램 포함:

  • School placement

  • 주말과 휴일에 적합한 호스트 패밀리의 제공.

  • 24/7 학생을위한 긴급 지원, 부모님, 가족과 학교를 개최.

  • 공항 초에 전송 및 여행의 끝.

  • 학교에서 자신의 호스트 가족과 함께 두 학생에게 지속적인 지원.

  • 전화와 개인 방문을 통해 학생과 정기적 인 연락.

  • 학교 도서 구입, 제복, 스포츠 기어 등.

  • Available for ad-hoc requests, 예를 들어,: purchase of additional school books.

  • Attendance at parent-teacher meetings and reports to parents.

가정에서 홈

As part of the guardianship service, your child will be placed with one of our friendly and caring host families that will provide a “home from home” for your child. 모든 호스트 가족은 경찰이 심사 개인적으로 우리가 심사된다. 큰주의가 호스트 가족에게 학생에 맞게 촬영, 비슷한 나이의 아이들과 함께.

Hebe Adventures guardianship service provides ongoing care to all our students as they settle into life and their academic year in Ireland. 우리는 균일 소싱 모든 실제적인 요소를 배치, books etc so all students are ready for the Irish educational system. 우리는 또한 만일의 경우에 지역의 국가 접촉의 역할.

typical host family home
guardianship online management

Information when you need it -myhebe

Our online platform complements our guardianship service and offers an easy, secure way to share all key information relating to your child’s trip, 예를 들어,: 가족 연락처를 개최, 항공편 정보, 학교 보고서 등. in a secure platform.

Some of the Schools we work with

We work with a number of schools across the Island of Ireland. We place students in primary school which is up to 12 years of age and also in secondary schools from 12 to 18 years of age. For secondary school we work with private boarding schools and private day schools and also with public secondary schools. There are options available to suit children and teenagers of all interests and we will work with you to ensure you get the right match whether your child is into sport, art, technology etc. Listed below are some of the boarding schools we work with: Clongowes wood college (CWC), Sligo Grammar School, The Kings Hospital School and Cistercian College.

Clongowes Wood College

County Kildare, 아일랜드

Clongowes Wood College

Sligo Grammar School

County Sligo, 아일랜드

Sligo Grammar School

The Kings Hostpital School

County Dublin, 아일랜드

The kings Hospital School

Cistercian College

County Tipperary, 아일랜드

Cistercian College

For a comprehensive listing of all the boarding schools in Ireland click on the following link: List of Boarding Schools in Ireland