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The education system in Ireland is recognised as one of the best in the world. Each year the government invest€10 십억 (삼위 일체 뉴스) into education and you have the opportunity to take advantage of this.

HEBE Adventures makes the process of sending your child to high school and primary school in Ireland easy and straightforward. We work with you every step of the way to ensure your child gets the most from their experience.

There are many school options to suit the specific needs of your child:

  • Private & Public
  • 일 & Boarding
  • Co-educational & All Boys or All-Girls
  • Catholic & Multi Denominational

For younger students age 8 - 12 years of age, we offer term placements in Irish public Primary Schools. The majority of our primary schools are Catholic, with the option of co-education or single sex.

We offer a full Educational Guardianship service for international students attending high school in Ireland. We offer a premium and personal service and our number one priority is your child’s welfare & safety. You can find out more about our safeguarding measures here: 아동 우선


가정에서 홈

Central to all our offerings is our host family network. 우리는 이상이 600 friendly and caring host families, who will provide a “home from homefor the duration of their stay. You can find out more about our host families here: 가족 체험 호스트

큰주의가 호스트 가족에게 학생에 맞게 촬영, with children of a similar age and interests

All our host families are police vetted and personally vetted by . us.

후견 온라인 관리
후견 온라인 관리

Information when you need it -myHEBE

Our online platform compliments all our services and offers an easy, 자녀의 여행에 관련된 모든 주요 정보를 공유 할 수있는 안전한 방법, 예를 들어,: 가족 연락처를 개최, 항공편 정보, 학교 보고서 등.

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