Making it a safe and happy homestay for your Child

Throughout the Hebe Adventures experience we ensure your child is put first. Children or teenagers stay with a warm and welcoming host family, with children of a similar age. Our experienced host families provide a home from home for your child, taking care of them and ensuring they are safe and happy and get the most from their language immersion homestay.

Police vetted.

All our host families have extensive police vetting, we are one of the few services that guarantee all our host families are properly vetted. The is provided for all trips provided by HEBE Adventures including; language immersion summer stays, guardianship services, language immersion schools stays and language immersion internships and work experience.

Hebe vetted.

We go further than Police Vetting, with one of the Hebe Team visiting every Host Family before your child arrives.

Making friends.

We know the importance of kids hanging around other kids they’ll get along with. We try to ensure that every match is a good one – looking at the ages of host children and visitors, as well as interests. We also provide the opportunity for every visitor to meet the host family in advance, chatting over the phone or over video call.

Everything taken care of.

Our host will meet the visiting child at the airport and ensure they get to camps, school, or wherever they need to go each week.

Full language immersion.

Every visiting child becomes part of the family, hanging out with the kids and conversing with parents. It’s the best way to improve conversational English.