Why Ireland is right for you: 4 Unique Benefits of Irish Host Families
By Hebe Adventures

Homestays are a life changing experience. Young travellers get to experience a new world of independence and adventure, with the security of a family. However, choosing the right place can take hours Googling and open tabs. Follow below to read the top 4 benefits of staying with a host family in Ireland and why Ireland is the best choice for your child’s next host family.

Surrounded by Nature

From the land of a hundred thousand welcomes, Irish people have the reputation of being very friendly, making it an ideal place for English language learners. The island of Ireland is both modern and ancient. Featuring a deep history of strong Celtic roots, this green island has also become a global tech hub in recent years. You’ll find a historic, bustling city life at the heart of Dublin and with a short drive you can experience the rolling countryside fields of Kerry only 3 hours away. Alongside the lush scenery, Ireland also has some delicious local eats such as Beef and Guinness Stew, Irish Seafood Chowder, Boxty (potato pancakes) as well as popular regional catches like Dublin Bay Prawns and Galway Oysters. Irish hospitality can be found all around the isle and especially in Irish families. These incredible surroundings will be the backdrop to your child’s full immersion in an Irish Host Family.

Total Language Immersion

Your child will live and communicate entirely in English during their time in Ireland. Our Total Language Immersion homestays place your young person with a warm and welcoming Irish Host Family. With our language immersion programme, your child will be spending time with children and adults of the host family throughout the trip and will be speaking English continuously.  This allows them to practice and improve their conversational English and have fun in a safe and secure environment.

English Summer Camps

One of the best ways to give your child a complete language immersion experience is to stay with an Irish host family and attend a summer camp. It's an amazing way to spend a summer abroad, giving children the opportunity to learn new skills, meet new friends and have fun. Our Summer camps are attended mainly by Irish children, which increases the opportunity for your child to practice their English. At Hebe Adventures, we offer a wide range of local summer camps for all interests. Your child will live with a carefully selected Irish host family with children of similar age and interests. They will be welcomed into the home of their host family and when they are not in the camp, the child will be immersed in the daily activities of the host family. The host family will also take care of transportation to and from the camp every day.

Parents’ Peace of Mind

As an organization founded by parents, we know safety is a top concern when sending children abroad. Ireland is a safe destination for young travellers and has been listed in the top 15 safest countries in the world by the Global Peace Index 2020. Additionally, all Hebe host families are reviewed by the Irish police and must agree to criminal background checks. The families are also verified and certified by Hebe Adventures to make sure it is up to our strict standards. Someone from the Hebe team is there to support you and your child throughout the trip, to answer any questions and make sure you have a great experience.


Irish host families provide an immersive language adventure for your child. With world renowned Irish hospitality, your child will become fast friends with their host families and make lifelong connections to keep when they are older. Our caring host families will ensure that their young guest has an enjoyable time. And after their adventure, your English learner will be eager to tell you all about it, in their new language!

Start a journey of a lifetime with an Irish host family and embrace a total language immersion experience today! Go n-éiri an bóthár leat!

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