English holiday during the summer, because Ireland is the perfect destination
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Summer is here and you are looking for the best destination for an English break. Maybe a country that combines the quality of language courses with the possibility of doing outdoor activities. Or the history and culture of cities with the nature of breathtaking landscapes. A hospitable, safe and suitable place for a first experience for a student. Well, this country is called Ireland, and it's a favorite destination for young people who want to learn English. Choosing to spend your holidays here is becoming more and more popular, especially in the summer, when the school year ends, you have time to attend summer English courses and have a language immersion experience. In this article we will see why spending the summer here learning English is one of the best choices you can make. You will also discover how to find a host family during your stay.

The Irish summer, between mild temperatures and long days

With constantly rising, sometimes unbearable temperatures, summer in many countries is becoming a challenge against the heat. What's better than escaping this situation by taking refuge in a cooler place where you can do without using the air conditioning?

If you want to improve your English and have a pleasant summer, Ireland offers temperatures ranging from 13°C to 18°C in June, July and August. In addition, the days are longer with peaks of almost 16 hours of daylight, which allows you to make the most of the time and do more outdoor activities, such as hiking, walking, cycling and water sports. There are also festivals and markets during these months, so there is plenty of entertainment after the summer English courses.

Wealth of natural landscapes

Cited in various literary works for its unique beauty, the Irish landscape is made up of untouched places where you can see nature in all its glory, and it is no wonder that some films have been filmed here. In summer you can enjoy this landscape to the fullest by doing outdoor activities, going camping or going on weekend trips. Among the places worth a visit during the holidays is the Connemara park, which offers walks with unique views of the Twelve Bens mountain range and the Atlantic Ocean. As you walk the trails and admire the views from soaring heights, you can discover the local wealth of flora and fauna, including red deer and ponies. Alternatively, for those who prefer the sea to the mountains, the coasts are full of beaches where you can practice water sports such as surfing, or simply fish and have a picnic. Some of the best include Portmarnock Beach in County Dublin and Inchydoney Beach in County Cork, both popular with visitors for their natural beauty, sea views and opportunities for a variety of sports and beach games. Summer is therefore the best time to have more opportunities to have fun, as well as to visit more places, which can be reached in a short time even if you stay in the city.

Meeting place for students from all over the world

Summer is also the best time to make friends as many students of different nationalities choose to study English in Ireland during these months. So imagine attending summer English courses and then meeting up for the rest of the day spending free time together. You can go hiking, visit cities and play sports, having the opportunity to experience different cultures. There are various occasions to spend the day with friends, without forgetting the ones you will have with the host family. You'll be able to make friends with someone your own age and the long days mean you have time to do everything from waking up early to see the sun rise on Ballymoney Beach or enjoying a sunset from the Cliffs of Moher.

A welcoming nation

The Irish have been known for being hospitable people since ancient times and even today they are known for welcoming foreigners in an open and friendly way. They are always willing to have a chat with travelers and this is a plus for those who decide to spend their holidays here in English. Between your stay with the host family, the summer English courses and your free time, you will surely have the opportunity to talk to them, improving your English and getting in touch with a new culture. In fact, in Ireland almost 98% of the population speaks standard English, even surpassing the United Kingdom which stops at 95%. What changes is the accent, which can vary from one region to another. But you don't have to be scared, you will practice listening and this will help you with the language skills you will need in the future.

Cheaper cities and longer holidays

If you have already calculated a budget and want to spend your holiday in a city like Dublin, then you can probably afford to stay a little longer. Compared to London it is about 8% cheaper, but other cities such as Cork and Galway are even cheaper.

It is a very advantageous aspect for students who want to attend summer English courses and prefer to stay a few more weeks to improve their level. A longer stay also means more opportunities to explore and enjoy, and with a lower cost of living, they won't feel deprived of those opportunities.

Find a host family in Ireland with Hebe

There are other reasons why Ireland is the perfect destination for an English holiday, not just during the summer. For example for English teachers, whose level of teaching is ranked among the highest in the world. Or to get to know the works of artists who lived here. There are many museums to visit to get first-hand knowledge of local history and culture.

The best way to spend an English holiday is by staying with a local family. By contacting Hebe, you can find the host family depending on where you want to stay and your holiday plans.

You can choose from more than 1,200 homestays nationwide, at a competitive price.

Each of these is verified by the authorities and is available to communicate even before departure to get to know each other. For other doubts you can consult the site for the most frequently asked questions and you can also read the success stories of those who, before you, have already chosen Hebe for their holiday in English.

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