A language trip to Ireland to improve your English
By Hebe Adventures

English for the little ones: how to learn English from 3 years old?

When you do not master this language yourself, it can seem insurmountable to help your child in his initiation into English. Difficulties can come from the fact that you don't know where to start, how quickly to progress and above all how to make this learning fun for your child so that he remains motivated over time. As parents, we want to give our child this chance to master English to help him later in his studies, in his career and give him the desire to travel. In fact, it creates frustration if you don't know exactly how to go about it.

The little ones, especially at the start of kindergarten, have a short ability to concentrate and do not necessarily master their mother tongue yet. We can then legitimately wonder about the merits of starting to learn a second language at this age.

As early as 1949, scientific research and observations published by Maria MONTESSORI showed that children under the age of 8 have a fantastic capacity to learn. At this golden age, known as the "absorbent mind", the child has a natural intelligence and intuitively, effortlessly integrates new skills such as learning a language. He will finely perceive its musicality, the tones, the accentuation and will very quickly succeed in reproducing it. The results are surprising! This faculty is innate, but it is education that will make it possible to exploit or not this potential, which will decrease over time. Hence the interest of starting an awakening to English in kindergarten, then continuing in cycle 2.

In summary, the benefits of learning a second language for children are:

  • Better recognition of sounds;
  • Better intuition;
  • Greater creativity;
  • Better tolerance for ambiguity.

Prioritize oral transmission and imitation

To learn a language in an intuitive and natural way, studies in linguistics show that one should not try to translate it, but assimilate the meaning of the words in a contextual way. It is therefore interesting to start with oral comprehension and the acquisition of vocabulary by impregnation, by playing, by simply sharing emotions.

Neuroscience indicates that the human brain is endowed with mirror neurons. These mirror neurons are activated for example when a person performs a movement but also when watching another person perform a movement. For part of our brain, moving or watching it move produces the same effect!

It is easy to understand then that the fact of watching a person move and then repeating the same gesture yourself has a double positive effect in learning. The adult acquires his knowledge with his will and his intelligence. The child before 8 years old, has a cerebral plasticity which allows him to assimilate effortlessly by living things, by feeling.

English lessons for children at the same time as a language stay in Ireland

Language stays combine both total immersion in English and a magnificent setting. All our young participants who stayed in Ireland came back of course better in English but also delighted by the discovery of this magnificent country.

Offering your children or teenagers language stays in Ireland will bring them into contact with a country whose hospitality is legendary today. The Irish are also very talkative, and each meeting will be an opportunity to practice English in the most natural way possible.

From the age of 8, a language stay in total immersion, with the most effective formula for language stays for teenagers and children: a private lesson with a teacher in Ireland. Your child will be welcomed into a teaching family and will learn English at their own pace, encouraged and accompanied day after day by their teacher.

Ireland is becoming a favorite destination in the world of language travel, and it's easy to see why. Language trips to Ireland give your child the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the language, while enjoying the friendly and relaxed atmosphere of a rich culture. This allows children to experience one of the most welcoming and exciting European countries.

This program is now available at HEBE Adventures, it allows you to learn English very quickly. For children, this language stay in total immersion allows you to practice the language with natives. Ireland is one of the most popular destinations for language travel. Although the first official language remains Gaelic, English is spoken by everyone in Ireland.

Hebe Adventures helps you find the perfect language course in Ireland for your child

For parents wishing to improve their child's level of English, accommodation in a host family is the most complete linguistic tool for learning this language, since the child will learn to communicate from a daily throughout his stay by collecting information from native conversations of the English-speaking family who takes care of him

At Hebe Adventures, we'll be with you every step of the way to setting up and monitoring your child's language exchange in Ireland, and we'll make sure your child gets the most out of their stay.

The selection we make to choose Irish host families is based above all on the network we have which makes up our range of stays in Ireland. Our local correspondents, present all year round on site, work intensively to select the best Irish families, so that your child feels comfortable during his language stay in Ireland. Our requirements and our seriousness allow us to offer you very high quality family language stays, where your child will enjoy himself while learning a new language.

At Hebe, our very complete range of language courses in Ireland allows you to make your choice throughout the year. You can be sure that your child will benefit from a program perfectly adapted to his requirements as well as to yours. If you want more information, you can go directly to our website to compare our language courses in Ireland.

That said, if you want your child to learn English while living in Ireland, it is imperative that they stay with an Irish host family, known to be welcoming and warm so that they can have a pleasant stay. and learn the art of speaking English fluently.

HEBE Adventures' reputation in the homestay accommodation business in Ireland is that it offers parents a one-stop shop for their child, providing them with 24/7 ongoing support as well as coordination with the Irish host family who are always attentive to the needs of their child.

Finally, through an intuitive feedback system, parents can draw on the experience of a large number of parents and children who have already stayed with a host family in Ireland, in order to be able to have a objective, enlightened and reliable opinion on your child's linguistic exchange with his future English correspondent.

So what are you waiting for to give your child the opportunity to learn English via a language trip to Ireland? Hébé Adventures is waiting for you, we are always at your service.

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