Three advantages of staying with a host family to learn English
By Hebe Adventures

Allowing your child to go to foster care to learn English could be life changing. Knowing a foreign language has almost become an obligation in everyday life. Since English is the most common language, your child is probably taking it in school. But is that good enough for him to be perfectly bilingual? Without practice, school theory risks quickly being forgotten. For this reason, it is necessary to find a solution to anchor this language in its memory. This solution is immersion in a host family in Ireland .

Learn English concretely

The first advantage of being hosted by a host family to learn English is obviously the linguistic aspect. At school, students are only exposed to their teacher's English, often French. When they find themselves in front of a native English speaker, they may have difficulty understanding. Especially if the person has a strong accent. A foster family will allow your child to hear a variety of people speaking, with their specific accent and tone.

Very often, the French language will not be able to save the child in immersion, because no one will be able to answer him. He will therefore have to draw on his knowledge and his courage to express himself and make his ideas understood. The host family will therefore allow him to learn English at a much more intensive pace, without this being exhausting.

Immersion with the host family

Seeing a picture of a fork in a book with its translation "Fork" is not as efficient as having to ask for a fork at the table when you want to eat. The host family will allow an immersion that will make the learning done at school concrete and useful. Students often ask themselves this question in class: But what will I use this for? Living with a host family will be the ideal answer.

By choosing Ireland, you are choosing for your child an original, rich and strong culture. The host family will be happy to share the traditions of the country to make the trip unique and memorable.

Unforgettable memories for your child

The best way to learn English is to create memories related to this language. Going with a host family will help shape unforgettable memories. First of all human, since the people who will welcome your child are passionate. Usually Irish children are present in these families, which can create long-standing friendships.

Also, the breathtaking Irish landscapes are sure to remain etched in people's minds. Visits during a stay with a host family, or during a summer camp , will be enough to amaze your child.

If we say that travel forges youth, travel abroad forges a youth open and ready to face the future. Hebe Adventures helps you find the perfect host family to learn English in Ireland. Take the plunge and book your child's future stay. You will see him come back transformed from this trip.

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