Family stay, the most requested solution for a study trip
By Hebe Adventures

It can take students months or even years to perfect their language skills. Despite this, their efforts often translate into little and slow progress, especially in practice and things change only when they decide to leave for a period abroad. Before entering a new country, they can barely formulate basic sentences, which makes the situation seem strange and daunting at first. However, language skills increase rapidly in a short period of time. Even if their skills are still limited, after a few weeks they are able to speak more easily and confidently and, by the time they leave, they can speak complete and precise sentences without any hesitation. For this reason, the study trip abroad is becoming the preferred and increasingly requested option by the parents of students, who are interested in giving their children an opportunity to travel and learn a language at the same time. This solution is suitable for all ages and usually lasts two or more weeks, with the possibility of organizing even longer periods. The days are spent attending language courses while the weekends are dedicated to cultural events, sightseeing and other experiences to get to know the new environment. Although many schools are equipped to host students during their summer English courses, there is a growing demand for accommodation with local families. It seems that parents of students prefer this solution for a variety of reasons that we want to explore below.

The advantages of a homestay for the student's parents

One of the reasons for the growing demand for homestays is the variety of choices offered to parents. For example, Hebe provides over 1200 families across Ireland. If you have chosen this destination for your child's study trip, it means that you have many options, and you can choose in which part of the country, city or village to organize your stay. In the case of a college, the alternatives are limited to those with housing and general information about the spaces your child will need to share with other students is often limited. You will not even know with whom you will have to reside, unlike a host family, of which it is possible to have more detailed information about the composition and previous hospitality experiences.

Another fundamental aspect is communication. It is essential for parents to get a clear idea of how this period abroad will be spent. Whether it's to break the ice or to resolve some doubts, communicating and retrieving the essential data before departure is one of the indispensable phases. Hebe offers this opportunity to those who want to get to know the people who will host their child directly, so that they can face this experience serenely. A possibility of direct contact and exchange much more difficult to have with an educational institution.

Flexibility, security and a wide choice, even in terms of rates, are the main reasons why staying in English with a host family is the preferred method for students' parents and is also the most requested solution in recent years.

The advantages of a homestay for the student

After analyzing the advantages from the parents' point of view, it is also useful to investigate the points in favor of the students. Putting yourself in the shoes of a young man who leaves alone abroad can show how intimidating this adventure can be, especially if he has to stay in a dormitory with people he doesn't know yet. Being welcomed into a familiar environment, of which you already have a first knowledge, puts students at ease, especially those new to this type of experience. Even knowing that the two families are in contact gives that extra degree of security to relax and better enjoy the new adventure.

But if the holiday in English with a local family is becoming a popular modality, it is above all due to the evident benefits found after the experience. While staying in student accommodation at a school, you might meet fellow countrymen and succumb to the temptation to speak your mother tongue. By choosing a local family, you will be sure that your child will be completely immersed in the foreign language, with which he will necessarily have to communicate. This aspect is also one of the key benefits of this type of stay and it is not surprising that the students themselves are amazed and satisfied with their language skills once they return home.

The other beneficial aspect is cultural immersion. Spending the day in contact with local people not only allows for complete learning of the language, but also offers the opportunity to grasp the local culture in its various nuances. And this happens through the variety of experiences that can be had. For example, cooking together allows you to understand how foods are prepared, what the ingredients are, and it's also a way to pleasantly approach different and unexpected flavours. Even just walking around and having a chat with someone your own age can offer a different insight into life for peers in a different country. Or take weekend trips to discover lesser-known places, far from the tourist itineraries and able to convey the true atmosphere of the place.


A welcoming environment, continuous exposure to the language and cultural enrichment are the benefits that make a holiday in English with a family the most advantageous choice for students. Add to this the benefits for parents, such as versatility, safety and the wide range of options, it's easy to see why this solution is becoming more and more in demand. All that remains is to choose the destination. Hebe organizes homestays in Ireland, an ideal destination for an English holiday, great for learning the language and having an unforgettable adventure. It also offers you a wide choice of families throughout the country, also verified by the authorities to offer students' parents maximum confidence. Ireland combines high-quality language courses, local hospitality, cultural richness and beautiful landscapes. Whether it's the urban atmosphere of Dublin or the tranquility of a village in contact with nature, thanks to Hebe you will find the right option for you and your child.

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