Six of the best kids summer camps in Ireland
By Hebe Adventures

Summer camps are an amazing way for kids to learn a new skill, develop their social skills, and make friends. There’s a huge range to choose for all ages, genders and interests. Kids can come from other parts of the world and stay overnight at boarding camps or they could be local and join a day camp. Whether your child is passionate about sport, art or science, nurture their interests, build their confidence and give them a summer filled with memories they’ll never forget!


Rugby is the perfect camp for those who love staying active and being part of a team. Friendships are built so quickly when you work together like this for a common goal. You’ll improve your Rugby skills and get loads of exercise playing a sport you love!


Perfect for the animal lovers, let your child spend the summer riding and spending each day with their favourite new companion. Horse riding isn’t something you can pick up easily at home so a summer where you can practice the camp horses will truly special experience.

Outdoor adventure

For kids that love an adrenaline rush and want to test their fear factor, outdoor adventure is the perfect camp! Climb and swing among the trees at jaw dropping heights, use teamwork skills to help friends over different hurdles and be one with nature and you become a true adventurer. This camp is fun and gives kids a chance to try things they wouldn’t get to at home so why not give it a go!


Summer camps do not need to be all about sports and exercise! If your child is a science wizz then nurture that talent at technology camp. Challenge their mind and develop their critical thinking skills early on. These camps can give children the confidence to pursue science to higher education so it’s a great chance to grab this opportunity. 


Tennis is a social sport that is great to learn early on. You’ll get cardio and strength out of training sessions and make loads of friends! It’s perfect for meeting people as classes tend to be of medium size split into doubles teams. It’s also easy to chat whilst you play so it’s the perfect exercise-socialising combination.

Performing arts

For the creatives, the big personalities and the entertainers, this one is perfect for you. Sing, dance and act all whilst improving skills, building confidence and making friends. This camp may suit people that prefer to be indoors but still crave the high energy activities and games. Performing arts is a great way to build up confidence and practice those vital public speaking skills which help them so much in later life. 

So whether your child is an adrenaline junkie, modern day Shakespeare or the next einstein there is a perfect summer camp for you! Kids come back year after year once they've experienced the friends, memories and skill progression that makes their summer unforgettable. Some find one camp they love and others try different ones each year for a completely unique experience. Either way you’ll find value in each summer camp and watch your children develop and grow before your eyes. All whilst making friends and having the best summer year after year!

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