Do you know the best way to learn a foreign language for your child?
By Hebe Adventures

Foreign languages are taught from an early age. At present, it is not uncommon for children to discover the first words of English from the small section. This period is ideal for learning a language naturally and without difficulty. Do you want your child to speak English like a native? Don't wait until he enters college to enroll him in private lessons and send him on a language exchange for young children with an English host family of your choice. Adapted to his age, these linguistic exchanges will allow him to familiarize himself with the language of Shakespeare in a benevolent and reassuring environment, while having fun with his English host family.

The Benefits of English Language Exchange for Your Young Child

Being able to speak one or more foreign languages has become a real asset in our society, especially the English language. These skills are useful both professionally and personally for your child's future. The best age to learn a language: as early as possible, from early childhood!

Learn English the natural way

It is much easier to learn English at an early age. A young child's brain is still developing, as are their ears. At this age, he is able to assimilate sounds much more easily and learn intuitively. Rest assured, it will not mix the two languages.

Develop your cognitive abilities

By learning about the structure of a new language, your child will develop learning mechanisms without even realizing it. These will serve him well throughout his life. They will allow him to learn other school subjects much more easily. Later, he will have facilities if he wishes to speak a third, or even a fourth language. Learning English at an early age is therefore a real long-term investment.

Encourage openness to the world from an early age

During this language stay, your young child will become aware of the existence of cultures other than his own. This openness to the world will help develop their critical spirit. His curiosity and his desire to learn will probably push him to ask lots of questions, which the hosts will always answer with the greatest pleasure.

From what age can you go on a language trip?

Many parents wonder at what age to learn a second language. For him to become perfectly bilingual, the sooner the better. From the age of 3, children are able to formulate simple sentences in their mother tongue. This is the perfect time to introduce him to a new language. You can already introduce some vocabulary words by naming objects in English. For immersion from an early age, you can enroll them in a bilingual crèche or hire a mother-tongue English babysitter.

A language exchange to expose the child to English from an early age

To confront your young child with a foreign language, nothing better than total immersion! Aware of the importance of learning English at an early age, language holiday organizations have developed stays dedicated to the youngest. This is the case of Daily English! In a caring and reassuring family environment, your child will be able to learn their first skills at their own pace. Each of our host families has been carefully selected. Checks are carried out regularly to ensure quality supervision and to ensure the safety of the children.

Leaving their parents for a week or two is not easy for a young child. So that he can keep his bearings, our English mother tongue host families are all located in Ireland. You can opt for a language course near you.

Ireland is one of the most popular destinations for a language exchange abroad! The destination has indeed many advantages for your child: the Euro as currency, the proximity to France, the attractive prices, the green landscapes, or the warmth and legendary hospitality of the Irish. It is very easy to settle there, and to enjoy it! It is not uncommon to extend one's stay.

By going on a language exchange in Ireland, your child will be in the best place to learn English. Irish people are known for being friendly and having a good sense of humor. While in Ireland, your child will quickly find themselves talking to strangers on the street.

How does HEBE Adventures provide a host family for your child or teenager?

HEBE Adventures is a contact platform that allows its members to directly organize language stays in total immersion. You create a personalized, friendly, secure and reasonably priced language course for your child, individually or in a small family group, and wherever you want to go in the world and for the desired duration.

Our HEBE Adventures host families provide your child or teen with accommodation and meals, organize excursions and social activities, offering an authentic cultural immersion in their everyday life. English-speaking host families live in Ireland indicate their dates and durations of availability, and set the price of the stays.

It is in this sense that HEBE Adventures was created to facilitate the process of family accommodation in Ireland. Our company has proven through its experience that it is the best correspondence site to find you an Irish host family, whether for children or teenagers. You can thus let your child go with complete peace of mind since our Irish correspondents have all been approved and validated when they registered.

Thus, the reputation of HEBE Adventures in the accommodation field for English-speaking families is that it offers parents a unique service package for their child, providing them with continuous assistance 24/7 as well as coordination with English host families who are attentive to their needs.

Finally, through an intuitive opinion system, parents can first rely on the experience of a large number of children and parents from different countries in various English-speaking families, in order to be able to have an objective, informed opinion. and reliable on the world's most powerful homestay language tool, which aims to accelerate your child's English learning.

HEBE Adventures is waiting for you to put you in touch with an English host family in Ireland for your child or teenager. Join us now!

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