What is a homestay and how to find the perfect one
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Homestay in Ireland: Find and book a host family

When we begin to search for options to send our children, or even go ourselves to learn English to Ireland, the option of staying with host families, hostels, rooms in shared flats begins to emerge, and often we do not know the implications. what's wrong with it.

Without a doubt, one of the smartest choices is the Homestay mode, something like residing in a home with a family.

It should be noted that the concept of family in the case of the Homestay is somewhat broader than traditional host families and requires certain nuances.

Next we will see what the Homestay in Ireland is about, how to start looking for our perfect study stay and what paperwork we must take to cross the pond and start an adventure in Irish lands.

Homestay in Ireland

We understand by Homestay the fact of residing in the country of destination in a home together with its residents. Unlike the case of traditional host families, which in many cases the specific applicable legislation requires that it be a nucleus made up of at least two people, that is, a married couple, or a father or mother with their child, in the Homestay case this definition is broadened.

Thus, many people who are part of the Homestay network are elderly people who, for whatever reason, are currently alone and want company, couples whose children left the nest some time ago, or single-parent families.

In itself, the concept of Homestaying does not differ too much from host families, since in the end the students will be in a private home, in exchange for a small salary payment.

In return, they will receive close attention, full integration into culture and customs, and full linguistic immersion.

In the case of Ireland, we have already spoken extensively of the Irish character, open, warm and very welcoming, which welcomes foreigners who want to know their country with open arms. We must not forget that Dublin, without going any further, is the quintessential European university capital.

This makes the capital and its adjacent cities the number one option where to search for Homestay homes to carry out our journey in English.

Book a host family

But when we have made the decision to reserve a place in one of these homes attached to the Homestay, where should we go? And, perhaps most importantly, how do we know that this is a trusted site?

Well, there are numerous ways to find such information, although as expected the number 1 option is classified ad portals through the internet or in specialized forums. However, we run the risk that this household does not have the experience or the necessary permits or insurance to carry out the activity.

The most reliable option is undoubtedly to go to a specialized agency that connects families that offer their home as a homestay for students. In this way, the families of origin can get to know the host family, their home beforehand and trust that all the procedures are up to date.

By far, this is the best option if we want to invest in tranquility and quality for our English study stay in Ireland.


As we have seen in this article, among the many options to stay during a study trip or a language summer camp in Ireland, the Homestay is one of the most demanded and popular.

Learning to locate the right home, and finding an intermediary to facilitate the procedures, generating confidence and tranquility is the best way to carry out this study option that is gaining strength among young people from the rest of Europe.

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