English language tools abroad: a good idea to improve your English?
By Hebe Adventures

At the time of globalization, the command of English becomes essential to find a good job. So inevitably, the mediocre results of your child in this subject worry you. When his teachers suggested you send him to England for a few weeks, you welcomed the idea.

However, given the prices of English language tools abroad, you wonder if these holidays will really be effective in motivating and advancing your child. What will this trip really bring him? It all depends on the formula you choose and the length of stay.

The importance of English language tools for children

It is now well known: children learn faster than adults. If you want your child to be fluent in English in the future, then the ideal is to familiarize them with the language as early as possible.

In addition, English remains the most commonly used language in the world, whether orally, in the international press, but also on the Internet, etc. In the French school system too, English is the first foreign language: having a basic knowledge from a young age is therefore very useful for the rest of your schooling.

In the long term, being able to speak fluent English will also allow your child to have more opportunities: exchange program, further studies abroad, etc.

Learning a foreign language also brings an open mind, a discovery of other cultures, and helps to develop social, cultural and thinking skills.

Better speak English with an English-speaking correspondent abroad

The idea is to invite an English student to your home for a fortnight or three weeks. A few months later, it's your child's turn to go and visit their correspondent at home. This method is the most economical. You will only have to finance the trip to send your child to his foster family.

It is also the most enriching formula: the exchange will push the teenagers to wonder about their cultural differences.

The most suitable language tool for your child or teenager

However, the most complete linguistic tool for teaching English to your child is of course accommodation with a host family.

Indeed, for parents wishing to improve their child's level of English, family accommodation in an English-speaking family will help him learn and communicate on a daily basis throughout his stay by collecting information native conversations of the English-speaking family that takes care of him.

Language trips to Ireland are quality English language tools

Language stays in total immersion with a host family in Ireland are an ideal formula for practicing your child's English in a caring and exotic setting. At Hebe Adventures, our Irish families welcome children and teenagers regardless of their language level for one or more weeks. They undertake to integrate them into their family life and their leisure activities, which allows them to discover Irish culture and practice English with natives. Private English lessons can be given by one of the parents of the family in order to reinforce the level of the young person.

The first reason is that the welcome of the Irish is quite warm! Young foreigners immediately feel at home and in a reassuring environment to practice English, whatever their level. A second reason is that the landscapes of Ireland are really magnificent, a language course is also an opportunity for your child to discover the world! Finally, our family programs are particularly complete with the possibility of taking private English lessons to enrich your vocabulary and strengthen your grammatical skills.

Indeed, in recent years, Ireland has transformed into an incredible tourist destination for travelers from all over the world, especially children and young people who are increasingly staying with Irish host families in order to to perfect their English. Irish hospitality has made this country famous and more and more parents trust Irish families as part of the perfect language exchange for their child.

Hebe Adventures language immersion programs are some of the best English language tools. Indeed, your child will spend a lot of time with a host family in Ireland who have children of the same age. Your child will speak English continuously throughout their trip and they can even choose to attend one of the many summer camps in Ireland.

From golf, horse riding, rugby camps and more, we offer a range of fun activities for your child's stay in Ireland. These, combined with daily interactions with the host family, allow your child to practice, improve and build confidence in their conversational English while having fun in a safe and secure environment.

Every homestay in Ireland is police vetted (garda checked) as well as verified and certified by Hebe Adventures to ensure they meet Hebe standards. Our team remains an active point of contact throughout the process to support you and your child and ensure that all parties involved have a great experience.

HEBE Adventures host families provide your child with accommodation and meals, organize excursions and social activities, which offers an authentic cultural immersion in their everyday life. English-speaking host families living in Ireland indicate their dates and durations of availability as well as the price of the stays.

HEBE Adventures' reputation in the field of English language tools abroad is that it offers parents a unique service package for their child, providing them with continuous 24/7 support as well as coordination with English-speaking host families who listen to their needs.

HEBE Adventures is waiting for you to put you in touch with an Irish host family for your child. Start planning your son or daughter's Hebe adventure today!

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