The most effective methods to improve your child's English
By Hebe Adventures

Even if children have more facilities to learn to speak a foreign language, how to help your child to learn English?

English is the first language we think of when it comes to transmitting a language that is not our mother tongue. Today, it is taught since first grade in small doses in public establishments. Despite the more or less playful methods used at school, you can accompany him differently and make him really progress.

Improving your English does not mean disgusting your offspring or putting pressure on them. It's about how to make people love English casually, naturally. Fortunately, there are many ways to approach Shakespeare's language that make you want to learn even more.


If you speak English, at least a little, consider speaking to your child in English as soon as you have the chance. Talking doesn't require reading or writing, so you can practice dialogue with your little ones. If your pronunciation isn't perfect, that's okay. The repetition of words allows its natural assimilation. Other methods will help to work on the accent.

The babysitter

Going out one night and hiring a babysitter? Why not try having your children looked after by an Anglo-Saxon babysitter? Not only will it help your child learn English, but it will make them want to speak English. Creating a link offers an opening to the world by staying in your living room. If you even have the opportunity to hire an Anglo-Saxon au pair, then your children will have a fabulous chance to learn English.

The trips

Going to a foreign country to speak English on a daily basis is certainly the best way to learn the language. An English language trip Whether it's a family vacation or a summer camp or a language trip, nothing beats a vacation abroad.

Bilingual schools

Do you live near a bilingual school? Or near a school that offers an alternative pedagogy for better learning of English? They are not always more expensive than public schools and they offer teaching programs geared towards the natural learning of English. Think about it!

Board games

Have you ever tried to play a board game in English? They are excellent for the development of the child in his mother tongue. So by playing in English, your child will progress without realizing it.

Writing a book or a comic

Even if your child is just starting to write, you can imagine a story in English with him and write it with him. You write, he draws. Children love to tell stories, help them tell them in English.

The universe he likes

A wonderful way to help your child learn English is to teach him everything he needs to know in English about the worlds he loves. Does he love to cook? Teach him culinary vocabulary and make your recipes together and in English.

movies and cartoons

It is certainly the most common and widespread method to help your child learn English. Watch TV in VO.


Learning English for free on the internet is very popular. Applications for learning English for young and old are multiplying, despite the fact that some of them are partly free, it is the best paid content.

The websites

We suggest that you consult sites adapted to each age in English. Make him read blogs on subjects he likes or ask him to consult the English version of Wikipedia during his research and interrogations.

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