Good reasons to have an English pen pal
By Hebe Adventures

Teaching a foreign language to your little child can sometimes be difficult, especially if he does not have the opportunity to practice it on a daily basis. To remedy this problem, many parents have an American pen pal or even an English pen pal abroad. Excellent method for your child or teenager to learn to progress and discover a new culture.

In today's world, being able to speak a foreign language, especially English, is an increasingly important skill. In addition to offering employment opportunities, being able to speak a foreign language helps to establish a real connection with people and to learn more about different cultures.

Discover the advantages of having an English pen pal or an American pen pal for your child

  1. The privilege of practicing with a native

Exchanging with a native is a real asset for your child to improve his English from an early age. Indeed, an American or English correspondent who masters the language perfectly is able to help your child by correcting him and teaching him new words. The native English correspondent can teach your child common expressions, often little taught in class, and thus facilitate the progression of his level in English quickly.

By maintaining regular correspondence, your child gains fluency not only in speaking, but also manages to improve significantly in writing, all while combining business with pleasure. In addition, children can free themselves from the stress or embarrassment often felt during school learning for fear of being judged.

  1. The possibility of going on a language exchange

Indeed, you can plan a language stay for your child with the American correspondent or an English correspondent that suits you. In addition to being an excellent way to progress in the target language, it allows your child or teenager to get to know each other beyond the letters or messages interposed. Stays with correspondents also have the advantage of being particularly economical for parents. Indeed, the family generally only pays for the plane ticket to the foreign country.

On site, the children are often housed and fed at the expense of the host family. By living with the family of their American or English correspondent, the students discover and experience the foreign culture on a daily basis. By sharing experiences and creating memories together, your child strengthens their relationship and becomes more apt to continue the correspondence in the future. These stays have the immense advantage of plunging your child into complete immersion.

  1. Another way to discover the culture of the target language

Maintaining a correspondence offers another way to discover a foreign language and its associated culture. Having an American pen pal or an English pen pal for your child means going directly into the daily life of a typical family. Through the tastes and customs of their American correspondent, your child learns to discover the traditions of the country. By talking regularly with their host family from another country, the children experience a real exchange of culture and ideas.

  1. Improve written and oral expression

During the language exchange, your child must make research efforts during each conversation, whether written or oral. Indeed, writing messages in a foreign language sometimes requires researching vocabulary, thinking about grammar and conjugation. The child finds himself, in a certain way, obliged to write correctly in order to be understood.

And that's where the role of HEBE Adventures comes in

HEBE Adventures is a contact platform that allows its parent members to organize language stays for children directly online. However, you can create a personalized, friendly, secure and reasonably priced language course for your child, individually or in a small family group, and wherever you want your child to go and also for the desired duration. .

Thus, the reputation of HEBE Adventures in the field of accommodation of English-speaking host families living in Ireland is that it offers parents a unique service package for their child, providing them with continuous assistance 24 hours a day and 7 days a week as well as coordination with Irish host families who are attentive to their needs.

Our HEBE Adventures host families provide your child or teen with accommodation and meals, organize excursions and social activities, offering an authentic cultural immersion in their everyday life. English-speaking host families in Ireland indicate their dates and durations of availability, and set the price of stays.

Member safety is Hebe's top priority. That's why we ask new users, as part of the validation process, to provide us with information that allows us to verify their identity and address. You can therefore choose an English-speaking host family for your children with complete peace of mind, focusing only on areas of common interest. In this sense, your child will be able to take full advantage of his stay with the English correspondent that you have chosen yourself according to your own criteria.

Finally, through an intuitive feedback system, parents can draw on the experience of a large number of parents and children who have already stayed with a host family through HEBE Adventures, in order to be able to to have an objective, informed and reliable opinion on the linguistic exchange of your child with his future host family.

So what are you waiting for to have your child learn English with an English correspondent? Hébé Adventures is waiting for you, our company is always at your service.

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