Become a host family and live with young people from all over the world
By Hebe Adventures

Become a host family! Live with young people from other countries

Despite what many may believe, the figure of the host family has existed in our country for some decades now.

In addition to this, we have a high degree of satisfaction among the students who have traveled to our lands and we are one of the best valued in European surveys.

But what exactly is being a host family and how can we offer ourselves as such?

In this article, we will see in detail what this concept is and how to take the first steps in the world of host families.

Host families: what are they?

Starting with the most basic concepts, we understand by host families, those that in exchange for a small economic remuneration offer their family home to those foreign students who come to our country to carry out certain studies (whether they are full academic courses or stays of summer).

This economic remuneration is fundamentally to cover the student's living expenses.

In return, the visitor has a home to stay during their adventure, living with an indigenous family to reinforce their knowledge of the language and fully integrating with the culture of the host country and its customs.

They are the preferred option for parents who want their children to travel abroad to study, since they provide enormous stability and emotional confidence both to their young people and to the parents themselves.

In addition, the host family gains the opportunity to learn about the culture of the student they host, learning from him and helping his own family to discover new realities of the world.

Thus, being a host family has many advantages both for the student and his family and for our own home.

Become a host family

At this point, many people are probably wondering how they can go about becoming a host family.

Well, there are several options for this purpose, from classified ad pages on general internet portals, which we do not recommend due to the unreliability they offer, to agencies dedicated exclusively to putting families in contact who want their children to go to study in a foreign country with host families.

As we have spoken in another point, and on more than one occasion in this blog, the best option is to leave this task in the hands of an expert, and that is to bear in mind that the task requires certain legal steps to be completed. , since we will have a minor or adolescent in our charge.

This entails contracting insurance, legal documentation of representation and a long etcetera that can be somewhat cumbersome to obtain if we have to do it on our own.

In addition, the agencies are in charge of negotiating the daily rate that the minor will pay per stay and of all previous contractual aspects.

This is the best way to dedicate ourselves exclusively to our recent role as host family.


Host families or host families of students are the perfect option to create a climate of interaction and two-way learning between distant cultures.

Opening our arms to a young student visiting our country is the ideal way to show our culture, exchange opinions and show other realities to our own young people, at zero cost.

Do not miss the opportunity and if you really feel interest in being one of these very special families, contact a professional in the field so that they can advise you properly and take charge of all the legal aspects so that the visit is an unforgettable experience.

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