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When traveling without being a non-native English speaker, every trip abroad is an excellent opportunity to practice English. But have you ever wondered how to improve your English while traveling abroad ? There are some interesting short language courses that travelers can take and learn English for travel while exploring the new city, meeting fellow travelers and having a lot of fun.

How to improve your English while traveling abroad

Does the idea of traveling, for example, to Ireland and spending the mornings at a language school improving your English, while the afternoons be reserved for exploring some of London's best museums, strolling around Dublin and visiting historical monuments, is that interesting to you? ?

Read on to learn more about some possibilities to improve your English while traveling abroad thanks to Hebe Adventure !

On some foreign trips, many people are embarrassed to speak English. Usually the accent isn't very good, and in the middle of the conversation, they just couldn't remember the right word. So they would try to find a way to avoid using broken English to finish the sentence. It's not a nice thing.

But it was reasonable. Most students learn English at school and often don't have many opportunities to practice it.

However, traveling is a great way to practice English. Especially when traveling to a country where English is the first language. This is a great opportunity to have a conversation with native speakers .

Exploring the local culture through its language

Learning more about the local culture is one of the most exciting parts of traveling. Immerse yourself in the daily life of its inhabitants, knowing some typical customs and particular things of that country or city.

And one of the ways to get a great insight into this is by becoming more familiar with a local language . It's so much fun trying to speak some Italian when you're in Rome or ordering your food in French while you're in Paris.

But it could also be a great idea to improve a language that most of us speak to communicate internationally: English .

And there is a big difference learning English with native speakers . It's always exciting to listen to the people around you when you're in London. Their accent, some unique words they are using, or phrases and expressions, sometimes make it difficult to understand them. But all of that is such an integral and delightful part of the journey.

Talking to people in English while you are in their country is a fantastic way to improve your English while traveling abroad.

Learn English at language schools abroad

But, something that has recently been discovered may bring something innovative to the idea of improving your English while you or your children travel abroad.

Did you know that you can join some of the language courses while traveling?

These types of language courses are very well organized. They give you the perfect balance between attending English classes in the morning and having plenty of free time in the afternoon to explore the city, meet other travelers and practice your English.

Many of those language schools will give you a certificate after the course. And it is even possible to pass some internationally recognized official exams, such as IELTS, during your stay there.

How to enroll in some of the language schools while traveling abroad

Although it may sound a bit complicated as an idea, enrolling in some of the language schools while traveling abroad is not difficult at all.

Our Hebe Adventure website works as a search platform for language courses . You can search by location, length of stay, prices, etc. Think of it as an equivalent to hotel booking platforms. You will only find the most suitable language schools abroad for you or your children.

By using it, you do not need to pay any additional fees. The prices shown there are the same as on the language school websites.

These types of language schools are organized in a way that combines learning and socializing. You will be placed in a small group with other international students of the same language level. You will have an intensive language course during the mornings, which is mainly focused on conversation. And the afternoons are free to explore the destination and do all the usual things you love to do when you travel.

Plan your language learning advice abroad

The English schools are all located in the English-speaking countries . You can choose from the USA, England, Ireland, South Africa, Malta, Australia, and New Zealand.

Having such diverse countries, you can plan a great trip and combine it with improving your English while traveling abroad . If you want to spend your afternoons on the beach, a language school in Malta or New Zealand could be a great option for you. But, if you prefer a city break, then travel to New York and improve your English while visiting the Big Apple.

Booking your language trip abroad through the Hebe Adventures website could also be helpful, because you can also search for your accommodation there. From a school residence, a host family home or a hotel , they are covering many different options.

They will also help you book travel insurance or a flight. Therefore, you can do everything in one place.

Taking an intensive English course could be a great addition to your trip. I hope this post has inspired you to do just that, answered some of your questions, and given you an idea of how to improve your English while traveling abroad.

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