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Stay with a host family, the best choice for studies in Ireland

Studying English in a destination country abroad is becoming very important among those students, or even businessmen, who want to immerse themselves in this language and take a quality leap in their level of communication.

It is well known by all that there is no better way to correctly learn a language and know its nuances and richness than precisely to live in a country where they speak it and if we also have the opportunity to live the experience living with families of origin, success is really insured.

We all know someone who has done an Erasmus or a summer campus abroad and has returned with an excellent level of English.

In this article we will see why the option of living together with a host family is the best choice, and what steps we must take to choose the right one. We will also remember why Ireland is a very interesting country in various aspects to carry out this educational stay.

Stay with a host family: What you should know

We often look for very traditional accommodation options when we choose to send our children to a foreign country, and it is not a trivial matter to make this decision.

Finding a location in a destination that generates confidence, tranquility and is economically sustainable over time, are usually reasons of concern for both parents and the students themselves.

Whereas a few years ago, England was the most popular option, and Hostels or student residences had the leadership in the sector, Ireland tried to do things slowly, but with enormous quality.

To this day, Ireland has far surpassed England as the European capital of studies. Its people, with a welcoming, familiar and warm character, its relative good climate throughout the year, the nature, and the really reasonable prices, have contributed to this overwhelming success.

Among the most popular options for staying in Ireland, host families have established themselves as the fundamental pillar of residence for the vast majority of students.

The host families offer their homes, so that the students, in exchange for a minimum compensation for maintenance, can live with an Irish family, learn their customs and allow themselves to be impregnated with the essence of the host languages and society.

A host family in Ireland, a choice for the future

And it is that the host or host families have done an excellent job during the last decades, building personal relationships of incredible quality, offering a friendly and close treatment and taking care of hundreds of students from around the world during their educational journey.

There are host families in a summer camp regime, for the summer seasons and others who offer their services throughout the school year.

These families are usually stable nuclei made up of father-mother and children and take care of the student as if he were another member of their home.

This offers an interesting plus to the young person who finds a reference and a "father" figure to turn to to solve their doubts or insecurities in a foreign country. If the Irish stand out for something, it is because they are extremely friendly and welcoming ... and that translates into peace of mind for families.Finally, Ireland is one of the safest countries in Europe, with a really low crime rate compared to other neighboring countries, including Spain, it is not surprising that large international corporations such as Google or Facebook have chosen the Irish capital as their base of operations in Europe.


Host families in Ireland are the perfect finishing touch for a study and English improvement stay.

It is an ideal opportunity to immerse yourself in a different culture and learn the nuances of the language, but with unparalleled emotional support and stability for visitors.

Relying on specialist agencies to put host families and students in contact is undoubtedly the best decision that can be made in this regard, to invest in future peace of mind.

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