Improve your child's English with a stay in Ireland
By Hebe Adventures

Language stays in Ireland are interesting options for children and teenagers. These programs allow them to learn English very quickly. For young people, a language immersion stay is essential to practice the language with natives. Ireland is one of the most popular destinations for language travel.

Although the first official language remains Gaelic, English is spoken by everyone in Ireland. Several sporting and recreational activities accompany language lessons. Excursions are scheduled to explore all the attractions of the country. Your children will benefit from lessons that can be more or less intensive depending on their language level.

The strengths of a language course for teenagers in Ireland

Improving your English skills through a language immersion stay in Ireland is a very suitable program for children. They will be amazed by the speed of their progress. In addition to language skills, participants are immersed in all the cultural and historical richness of Ireland. They are invited to visit Dublin, the beautiful Irish capital.

  • Enjoy a language exchange with the natives;
  • Discover all the tourist wonders of Ireland;
  • Benefit from accelerated learning in total immersion.

Improve your English with a stay in Ireland

To the northwest of the European continent, this island representing one eighth of France is shared between the Republic of Ireland, which occupies 85% of the south of the territory, and Northern Ireland, which remains under British sovereignty. Ireland claims this heritage and perpetuates the songs, dances and legends of its ancestors.

Visiting Ireland also means plunging into an odyssey of 5,000 years of history, between haunted castles, religious sites steeped in mystery and towns full of character. The capital Dublin brings together medieval town, Georgian mansions and brand new districts. O'Connell Street, the University of Trinity College, the Temple Bar district and St. Patrick's Cathedral are must-sees. Gateway to Connemara, the very cultural Galway will seduce your child with its festive atmosphere.

However, all these data complete the picture and make this country the ideal place to study and learn English. With the majority of the Irish population being young and English speaking, it is almost certain that your child will make many native English speaking friends. There's no better way to experience a country and learn a language than to make friends in the country itself, and Irish people will help your child achieve these goals.

By going on a language trip to Ireland, your child will be in the best place to learn English. Irish people are known for being friendly and having a good sense of humor. While in Ireland, your child will quickly find themselves talking to strangers on the street.

So, to combine discovery of Celtic culture, meeting the Irish people and learning English, plan a language stay in Ireland for your child!

Hebe Adventures allows you to organize language stays in Ireland for your child

For parents wishing to improve their child's level of English, accommodation in a host family is the most complete linguistic tool for learning this language, since the child will learn to communicate from a daily throughout his stay by collecting information from native conversations of the English-speaking family who takes care of him

From our side, we will support you at every stage of setting up and monitoring your child's language exchange in Ireland, and we will ensure that your child gets the most out of their stay.

That said, if you want your child to learn English while living in Ireland, it is imperative that they stay with an Irish host family, known to be welcoming and warm so that they can have a pleasant stay. and learn the art of speaking English fluently.

Indeed, all our Irish host families go through a very strict identification and security procedure when they register. You can therefore choose a host family in Ireland for your children with complete peace of mind, focusing only on areas of common interest. In this sense, your child will be able to take full advantage of his linguistic exchange with the English correspondent that you have chosen yourself according to your own criteria.

Plus, with HEBE Adventures, your child's language exchange with their Irish host family can be normal or intensive, at the pace you want. On the other hand, our host families in Ireland provide children with a complete package, namely accommodation and meals, organization of excursions and social activities as well as authentic cultural immersion in their lives. daily.

HEBE Adventures' reputation in the homestay accommodation business in Ireland is that it offers parents a one-stop shop for their child, providing them with 24/7 ongoing support as well as coordination with the Irish host family who are always attentive to the needs of their child.

Finally, through an intuitive feedback system, parents can draw on the experience of a large number of parents and children who have already stayed with a host family in Ireland, in order to be able to have a objective, enlightened and reliable opinion on your child's linguistic exchange with his future English correspondent.

So what are you waiting for to give your child the opportunity to learn English through language trips to Ireland? Hébé Adventures is waiting for you, our company is always at your service.

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