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It is a fact that English has become the most common vehicular language worldwide. It is an extremely versatile, intuitive language that allows breaking communication barriers between people of different nationalities, even if this is not their mother tongue.

It is for this reason that linguistic immersions in the English language are one of the favorite learning techniques for most people interested in learning it quickly and effectively, because as they say, knowledge is better consolidated by putting what they have learned into practice.


More and more parents understand that the best way for their children to improve and put this language into practice is precisely that of a model based on coexistence in the country of origin, although on many occasions, fear or fear Ignorance of sending their little ones to another country scares them.

However, for a few years now, language immersions in English in Ireland and, especially, those carried out with a host family or exchanges, have been a really interesting option, for several reasons.

In this article we will see why this last option is the most interesting.



Until recently, most people who could afford to send their children to learn English in a foreign country had only two options. The first to make a stay in the US. In that case, the main stumbling block was the enormous distance that separates Spain from the US and consequently the reaction times in case of any kind of unforeseen event. It may be that our son has left without some document, or a certain element necessary for the day to day, and we have no reasonable way to solve the problem. The second option was mainly England. Despite the fact that cities like London are about 2 hours away by plane, the main problem has arisen with their departure from the EU, and the obstacles that we currently find to enter and stay in the country, which will force us to carry out additional procedures.

For its part, Ireland is reasonably close (2-3 hours by plane), it is a much friendlier country with visitors and if necessary parents can travel cheaply to visit our young students.


The warm and friendly character of the Irish is well known to all. Its people are open, friendly and its country eminently open to students, visitors and workers who come from the rest of Europe.

It's no wonder that Ireland has twice been voted the "World's Friendliest Country" by Lonely Planet magazine twice in a row.

This climate of permanent welcome and openness makes studying English with a host family in Ireland perhaps one of the smartest decisions we can make as parents.

As an example, an Irish saying that emphasizes these values: " there are no foreigners, there are only friends you have not met yet ."

In addition, we must remember that Ireland is a classic Erasmus country, so if our children are entering adolescence, or have already reached adulthood, they will find a wide range of pubs and entertainment.


A key issue to touch: money. Sending our children to the US to foster care can be tedious, but even worse, extremely expensive. Only the plane tickets, the suitcases and the trips to the place where you are going to reside, can take a large part of the budget for learning.

For its part, England has its own currency, the English Pound, whose value exceeds the Euro. This means that the currency exchange harms most of the European countries belonging to the EEC.

Ireland is part of the European Union, and is one of its most committed partners to growth and sustainability. By basing their prices in Euro, the conversion is immediate, and the prices are quite on par with what we can see in Spain .

Learning English with an Irish host family is financially viable, and considerably cheaper than you might expect. To this we must add that air tickets are much cheaper than for example to London, since we regularly have tickets from Low Cost companies such as RyanAir.


Conflicts have been forgotten for years, and today Ireland and its capital Dublin is one of the safest places with the lowest crime rate per 100,000 inhabitants in all of Europe. So we can trust that our children (or ourselves) will be safe.


A very important factor is, not only how we can move to Ireland from Spain ... or how we can send our children with their Irish host family, but how they will move once they arrive in the neighboring country, or what their daily routine will be like. mobility.

Dublin has all the services and transport. It is an efficient capital, with very cheap public transport and aid to students who are doing a stay in their country. That is why any Erasmus will recommend that you move with state media without a doubt.

Another highlight is the ease of going and coming back to Ireland in case of need, which is extremely simple.


As we have seen in this article, language immersions in English are the best way to learn the language, quickly and efficiently. Until recently, the well-known stays with native families were privileges only reserved for those who could afford a huge financial outlay. However, the irruption of Ireland in the panorama of the offer of studies, has changed the rules of the game.

Ireland is a friendly, hospitable, well connected, European country with a vocation for the future, for all this, holding our language and English immersion campus in this country is a really interesting option to consider.

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