5 reasons why your child should learn English in Ireland!
By Hebe Adventures

The best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it, especially when you are still young and able to learn it best. Spending a year in an Irish school ensures that your child will learn the English language. Traveling is very important to discover new things, experience emotions, learn to respect different cultures and have exciting experiences. Your child will make friends and enjoy themselves by improving the English language, which today has become more essential than ever. This will help him grow, allow him to make new friends, get to know new cultures and give him the chance to have a better future!

Here are 5 great reasons why your child should go on a study trip to Ireland:

1. Grow

It seems trivial, but a study trip abroad is, first of all, a great educational experience, both from a linguistic and a human point of view that brings individual enrichment.

We know that the path of growth and independence of every young person is long and articulated, full of unique and unrepeatable events and experiences: one of these is certainly the choice to undertake a study holiday abroad. Enriching yourself with new cultures and learning to take care of yourself is certainly very important in a growth path.

2. New international friendships

This is certainly one of the most beautiful and fascinating aspects of any young person's language study stay. The opportunity to meet new people from all over the world.

A study trip is one of the best experiences that will allow your child to interact with young peers from all over the world, thus developing a new mental openness and a kind of multiculturalism.

3. Irish hospitality and the beauty of the land

We put your child's well-being first in everything we do. All of our schools, summer camps and internship programs meet the highest standards.
Our friendly and caring Irish host families will make your child feel at home by taking care of them and making sure they are safe and happy for the duration of their stay. This environment also encourages conversation and thus helps the child to improve their English.

In addition, Ireland is a beautiful land to be discovered, full of colorful houses, verses and suggestive places, after all it is the land of gnomes and elves!

4. Costs

Here is another very important aspect of Ireland, especially considering the costs to be incurred to allow your child to have an experience abroad. A period of study in Ireland costs much less than in England. Not only from London, but also from the provinces. Furthermore, the fact that there is no pound in Ireland reinforces this feature. It is therefore an equally formative choice, but more accessible for parents.

5. Quality of the didactic offer

The quality of English language study in Ireland is extremely high. This is thanks to a state-of-the-art school system, one of the most popular in the European Union, and to teaching methods that are among the most complete and effective on the market. Ireland is certainly the perfect destination for your child's study trip also thanks to the educational offer among the best in Europe!

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We connect young people from all over the world with loving and caring Irish families. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for young people to learn about new languages and cultures while maturing and developing into young adults. Every year, we welcome young travelers with varying levels of English from Europe and beyond. Through our program they enjoy a total language immersion homestay, live with Irish host families and attend summer camps with Irish children. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity for your child's well-being and future!

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