Get back to your roots

Welcoming the diaspora home

Ireland has one of the largest diaspora in the world – we’re here to welcome you home, allowing you and your children experience the culture of Ireland. Whether you live abroad and would like your children to see where you grew up or you’re second, third, or fourth generation – we’re here to help.

Proper Irish hospitality

Staying with a Hebe family is so much more than a simple holiday. Your kids will live with an Irish family who will make them feel right at home. Explore the countryside, get to know Irish kids, taste proper Irish cooking, and maybe even learn some gaeilge. It’s an experience that will stay with them forever.

Explore the real Ireland

Though Hebe Adventures was originally set up to help foreign language students learn English, as we’ve expanded we’ve had more and more Irish diaspora use the service to make a real connection with their homeland. So many tourists visit Ireland and only scrape the surface – with Hebe Adventures you’re not a tourist, you’re being welcomed home.